Z m a g o    L e n á r d i č


  Zmago Lenardič, Slip Space I Zmago Lenardič, Slip Space II Zmago Lenardič, Slip Space III
  Zmago Lenardič, Second Life Zmago Lenardič, Before Light Zmago Lenardič, Almost Heaven
  Joy Erased Zmago Lenardic, Loop Loop Zmago Lenardic, Genome White
  Brigate Rosse  


  Zmago Lenardic, Viewer Zmago Lenardic, Observers Zmago Lenardic, Blind
  Shadows Dress with thick stripes Dress with thin stripes

Personal Lab

  Rabbit_Duck Virtual Glove Virtual Glove
  Hunger Striptease Fear
  Fear Tattoo_ Swimming Pool Competition


  Second Life 2011 Second Life 2011 Shuffle 2010, Suicide
  Shuffle 2010, Suicide Shuffle 2010, Fast Forward Waiting for Changes
  Shuffle 2010, Mikado Shuffle Shuffle
  Liquid Space II Liquid Space II Liquid Space II
  Liquid Space 2006 Network Elsa und Lohengrin
  2 x 2,98280 kW 2 x 2,98280 kW  

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